Working in always
more competitive markets

Doing business successfully on international markets means planning initiatives strategically.
Now more than ever, it is important to have updated and qualified information to identify the distinguishing features of each market, to have precise and authoritative references to optimize business plans, to become known in the most suitable ways and moments.

Companies in the Province of Como, exporters by tradition, were among the first in Italy to understand the importance of associating to promote their image and business strategy on international markets.

With this awareness, in 1968, the Consortium Comoexport was founded. Its objective, consolidated in over forty years of activity, consists in helping companies in the territory in the development of their business abroad, with special emphasis on the promotion of their image, on relationship marketing and on sales. This effort is strengthened with a vast choice of services aimed at monitoring and exploring markets, optimizing companies’ presence abroad and establishing the most successful collaborations. Services for the small and medium enterprises are “tailor-made”, focused on guaranteeing efficiency, professionalism and significant savings for the associated companies.


Comoexport offers a wide range of services at convenient costs. Competence and speed are among our daily purposes. We invite to click on the following link to consult the complete list and prices reserved to associates: our services.
For further information, customized quotations requests and prices for non associates, we invite to contact our office.

Continuing education course

Comoexport is officially and nationally qualified as training entity, partner of FormAzienda. Please, contact our office in order to request the agenda of the courses.

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